Conference Program

Friday, April 17th

1:00-1:30: Check-in

1:30-1:45:  Opening Remarks

1:45-3:30: Panel 1, “Song and the Social”

3:30-4:00: Break

4:00-5:45:  Panel 2, Narrating Performance

5:45-6:45: Keynote Speech by Professor Stephen Burt

7:30: Dinner for all conference participants (location tbd)

Saturday, April 18th

10:00-10:30: Coffee and Breakfast

10:30-12:15: Panel 3, “Subjects of Song”

12:15-1:00: Catered Lunch

1:00-2:00: Keynote Speech by Professor Ardis Butterfield

2:00-2:15: Break

2:15-4:00: Panel 4, “Metamorphoses of Song”

4:00-4:30: Break

4:30-7:00: Panel 5, “Song and Resistance”

7:00-7:30: Performance by conference participants Eileen Condon and Lily Cerat and friends

Conference Panels

Song and the Social

Mathew Moses, “For the Dear Old Flag, I Die: Singing Toward Sacrifice in the American Civil War”

Daniel Milner, “The Evolution of an Irish Famine Traditional Song”

Martin Julien, “Singing with Strangers: Nightswimming’s Why We Are Here! and the Pop-up Community Choir”

Moderator: Moira Fradinger 

Narrating Performance

Renee Altergott, “The Voice as a Revolutionary Weapon: Opera and Revolt in Marie Chauvet’s Dance on the Volcano (1957)

Lucy Caplan, “Theodore Drury’s Aida and Black Creative Freedom.”

Márton Farkas, “Singing the Banner, Singing Otherwise – Herder’s Translation of the Song of Songs”

Moderator: Katie Trumpener 

Subjects of Song 

Sydney Mitsunaga-Whitten, “Ulysses and the Limits of Song”

Peter Kalal, “Zyklus of Death: The Lyrical Subject in Schubert’s Winterreise”

Lauren Shepherd, “Snatches of old lauds: Song and Madness in Shakespeare’s Plays”

Moderator: Marta Figlerowicz

Metamorphoses of Song 

Alex Murphy, “Pacific Generations: Hawaiiana and Transnational Memory in Postwar Japanese Popular Music”

Brianne Dolce, “Aurally Literate: Understanding the Musical Environment of Thirteenth-Century Arras”

Victoria Davidson, “The Emergent Voice of Guittone D’Arezzo in his Poem, ‘Ahi Lasso’”

Moderator: Ardis Butterfield 

Song and Resistance

Jensen Suther and Adam Rothbarth, “Song as Ideology in Adams’ The Death of Klinghoffer”

Zach Montgomery, “The Limits and Possibilities of the Song in the Southside of Chicago’s Emerging “Drill” Genre; The Subject/s of Life and Death in the Windy City”

Eileen Condon and Lily Cerat, “Sowing Resistance:  Anticolonial Words and Voices in Haitian and Irish Folksongs”

Panayotis League, “The Metrics and Social Poetics of Dialogue in Traditional Greek Song”

Moderator: Ben Glaser 


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