Keynote addresses will be given by Stephen Burt, poet and Professor of English at Harvard University, and Ardis Butterfield, Professor of English and Medieval Studies at Yale University.


Stephen Burt is a poet, literary critic, and professor of English at Harvard University. His research and interests focus on on poetry, especially 20th and 21st centuries, science fiction, literature and geography, contemporary writing, comics and graphic novels, and literature alongside other arts. In 2012, the New York Times called Burt “one of the most influential poetry critics of his generation.” Selected publications include: Close Calls With Nonsense: Reading New Poetry (2008); The Forms of Youth: Adolescence and 20th-Century Poetry (2007); Parallel Play (2006); editor, Randall Jarrell on W.H. Auden (2005); “September 1, 1939 Revisited’ or, Poetry, Politics, and the Idea of the Public” (2003); Randall Jarrell and His Age (2002); Popular Music (1999). In addition to such accomplishments, Burt has been writing about pop music since doing a photocopied zine in the 1990s. He plays the melodica, (though, he admits, not very well) cares way too much about an indie label from Bristol, and is now at the risk of writing a short book on singer/song-writer Lorde.

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Ardis Butterfield specializes in the works of Chaucer, literatures of France and England from the 13th to 15th centuries, and on medieval music, as well as on theories and histories of language, form, and genre, city writing, bilingualism and medieval linguistic identities. Her books include  the prize-winning The Familiar Enemy: Chaucer, Language and the Nation in the Hundred Years War and Poetry and Music in Medieval France. She edited Chaucer and the City, a collection of essays inspired by her undergraduate course on London in Literature. Butterfield co-founded The Medieval Song Network, a collaborative, international project to encourage new interdisciplinary research on the medieval lyric. Visit the YaleNews website for the full “Take Five” interview.


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